Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Coloured Wood Flooring

If you are in the market for a new floor and for some reason have resisted the notion of wood flooring since you believe it's all about brown, brown and brown, now's the day to believe again. Wood is an entirely natural product and hardwood flooring, like a plethora of things in nature comes in a complete assortment of different colors as well as colors and choices that have been improved by man. So in the event that you've rejected wood flooring up until now in the mindset that you will be stuck with a boring range of colors, hopefully this guide will open your head up to the real possibilities offered by wood flooring today. Here are some great colour ideas to think about if you:

You Need a light colored floor

If you are watching out for a badly light colored floor you might be forgiven for believing that chilly or off white porcelain or ceramic tiles may be your sole hard choice, with unhygienic carpeting coming a close second. But this just is not the situation. If you'd enjoy all the benefits of a wood flooring, either engineered or solid, you can gain access to people and a good looking light colored flooring to boot.

With whitewashed hardwood flooring, limed hardwood floors in addition to brushed and oiled white stained hardwood floors you may have a badly light colored wood floor that's made from solid or engineered wood. This signifies is that it is possible to decide on a light colored wood flooring alternative for virtually any space in the house including toilets, kitchens and in which you have under floor heatingsystem.

Light colored wood flooring functions extremely well in rooms which are not washed with natural lighting or have a propensity to look a little bit gloomy. What is more you will be amazed by the illusion of distance they produce in rooms which are comparatively tiny.

You Need a middle-of-the-range colored flooring

 If you'd like a mid-range colored flooring, for example a floor that acts as a wonderful neutral backdrop for virtually any style of furnishing, this is the area where wood really comes into it's own. With or without influence from person in the form of finishes, wood comes in a complete range of different colors. Depending upon the species you choose and the end you go for, you're going to receive anything from mild honey blonde woods through to rich auburns.

So once you want a middle-of-the-range color of floors, timber is the ideal option since you can mix and match unique species to create stunning results in precisely the exact same area or on a room-by-room basis or you'll be able to follow the exact same color throughout. Either option, when intended well creates a high impact, interesting and appealing impact in almost any home.

A great option in modern or traditional houses, mid century, natural timber colours add real charm and style to any home. A great way to anchor a mixture of furnishings as well as a neutral backdrop allowing you to get creative with soft and wall furnishing colours, with mid-range wood colours, you can't fail.

You want a dark colored floor

A growing number of folks are plumping for badly dark colored flooring right now. Black hardwood floors is extremely appealing and comes in a whole array of alternatives, so even if you would like a dark coloured floor, wood is a real chance for your project. Certain woods come in a pure condition that's almost black and many others are stained or treated to make them darker. No matter which option you choose, you may have anything out of an almost black into a real jet black end on either engineered or solid wood flooring; the choice is yours.

Perfectly suited to highly contemporary interiors, black hardwood floors is most commonly paired off with whites and greys or instead with a palette of bold colours to genuinely produce a statement.

You Need to go a bit wild with color

 If you'd like something that is constructed from wood but doesn't possess a natural wood color on your flooring, you may even have that too. Grey wood flooring is a relatively new kid on the block but is punching well above its weight in the popularity stakes. Grey wood flooring is a great choice to black if you're seeking to create a monochrome appearance with a difference.

If you'd like help to choose the right colored hardwood flooring for your project, why don't you get in touch? At Raynes Park Floor Sanding We are completely obsessed with wood flooring and would really like to assist you make the right selection for your project.